All About Hyponatremia: Bruce Lee died due to drinking too much water! Learn how water can become poison


Drinking excessive water reduces the amount of sodium in the blood.
Deterioration of electrolyte balance for a long time can be fatal.

How Hyponatremia Can Cause Death: About 50 years after the death of famous actor and martial arts legend Bruce Lee, discussions are going on once again. The reason for this is a recent research, which claims that Bruce Lee died due to drinking excessive water. Bruce Lee died in Hong Kong in the year 1973 at the age of just 32. Then the doctors told the reason for his death was cerebral edema i.e. swelling in the brain. Now after knowing what the scientists have claimed, everyone is surprised. Everyone wants to know that how can a person die by drinking too much water? Know about this in detail.

Know how Bruce Lee died?

New York Post report According to the research researchers say that Bruce Lee died due to drinking excessive water. When the amount of water in the body becomes high and the excess water cannot come out, then the condition of hyponatraemia occurs. Scientists believe that Bruce Lee also lost his life at a young age due to this reason. Apart from this, his kidneys also failed to remove excess water, due to which the amount of sodium in his blood became very low. After the death of Bruce Lee, it was also rumored that he was poisoned to death. However, then the doctors told the cause of death to be swelling in the brain due to taking pain killers.

What is the condition of hyponatremia?

myoclinic report Hyponatraemia is a condition in which the concentration of sodium in a person’s blood is much lower than normal. Sodium is an electrolyte, which regulates the amount of water around the cells of the body. It is necessary to maintain the functioning of our body. Drinking too much water also dilutes sodium in the body and swelling starts in the cells. Many times people’s lives are also lost due to this. The normal amount of sodium in the blood is 135 to 145 mEq/L. Hyponatremia occurs when there is less sodium in the blood than this.

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Know the cause of hyponatremia

Drinking too much water can cause hyponatremia.
This problem can also be caused by taking anti-depressants and pain relievers.
Hyponatremia can also be a problem in the presence of heart, kidney and liver diseases.
This can also happen due to inappropriate syndrome and antidiuretic hormone.
This can also happen due to excessive vomiting, diarrhea and dehydration.

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Know the symptoms of hyponatremia

– nausea and vomiting
– headache
– Confusion
– low energy
– extreme tiredness
– restlessness and irritability
– muscle weakness
– sudden seizures
– falling into a coma

What is the treatment of hyponatremia?

People should visit a doctor if they see symptoms of hyponatremia. The doctor can give you its medicine after testing according to the symptoms. If hyponatremia is treated at the right time, lives can be saved and the sodium concentration in the blood can be normalized. This problem can also be identified through health checkup from time to time.

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