Anjali had married Latif, husband suspected; Muslim relatives got angry and then shot them!


The incident took place in Jaipur’s Murlipura area
The condition of the girl remains critical after being shot.
Anjil married Latif only a year ago

Jaipur. A heart-wrenching case has come to the fore in Rajasthan’s capital Jaipur today. Here it became difficult for a Hindu girl to get married in another religion. This girl was shot in broad daylight this morning. The condition of the girl remains critical after being shot. He has been taken to Sawai Mansingh Hospital. He is undergoing treatment there. After the incident, there was a stir in the Jaipur Police Commissionerate. After the information of the incident, the police immediately reached the spot, but by then the attackers had fled from there.

According to the police, this girl named Anjali had intercasted marriage with a person named Latif 1 year ago. Their families were unhappy with their marriage. Both were in danger of life. Due to this, both had also demanded police protection. On Wednesday morning, Anjali was going to her office near Murlipura. Meanwhile, two miscreants who came riding on Activa shot Anjali. The bullet hit the spinal cord in Anjali’s back. Due to this he fell there.

Anjali fell in love with Latif a year ago
The shooting of the girl in broad daylight created a sensation in the area. Injured Anjali has been admitted to Sawai Mansingh Hospital in critical condition. There his condition remains critical. Preliminary investigation by the police has revealed that Anjali had fallen in love with Latif a year ago. The families of both were unhappy with their relationship. But despite that both of them got married alone. After that both of them happily started living in Murlipura scheme.

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Latif had married Anjali a second time
Anjali works in India Mart located in Murlipura. Investigation has revealed that Latif had married Anjali a second time. Latif was earlier married to a Muslim woman. But after a dispute with her, Latif had remarried Anjali. That’s why the family members of both were unhappy. Latif had a bangle shop earlier. On Wednesday morning, when Anjali had just reached the office, the miscreants fired at her near the office gate and fled.

Latif expressed doubt on his relatives
Anjali’s husband Latif has expressed doubts about this attack on his relative. The names of some suspects have also come to the police. But when the police searched them, they are all said to have fled. However, the police is engaged in the investigation of the whole matter. She is also going through the old records of Latif. Latif is said to be basically a resident of Jaipur’s Bhatta Basti. Anjali’s husband says that she has received threats several times in the past as well. The relatives had also tried to kidnap earlier. His case was also registered.

(Input- Vishnu Sharma)

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