Apple is preparing to launch an affordable pencil

The products of Apple, the American company that makes the worldwide popular iPhone, are expensive and due to this remain out of reach of many people. However, the company recently tried to address this problem with the 10th generation iPad. Those who buy iPad need to buy Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil to use all its features and their prices are also expensive.

Apple has launched a low priced device in affordable devices. Pencil Planned to launch. Earlier, there was a plan to bring Apple Pencil at a price of $50, which the company has canceled. The company has now planned to launch such a pencil which iphone As well as being compatible with the iPad, it will also work for the iPad. USB-C is being used in Apple’s cheap iPad but for this compatible Pencil has to be charged via Lightning. For this, users will have to buy a dongle priced at $9, which is sold separately.

People aware of the company’s plans said that the new Apple Pencil could be launched next year. The company can keep a price of around $49 for this. This will make it much cheaper than the first generation Apple Pencil and Apple Pencil 2. Their price is $129 and $99 respectively. However, the company’s low-cost pencil will not feature pressure sensing technology or a battery. Apple has developed a chip that is used to drive the stylus on the screen. Earlier Samsung had used this technology.

Recently, Apple had decided to reduce the production of iPhone 14 Plus due to weak demand. However, the company has increased the production of the expensive smartphone iPhone 14 Pro of the new iPhone series. The share of iPhone 14 Pro in total production has increased to 60 percent. The company had initially planned to keep it at 50 per cent. Increase in interest rates in the US may reduce consumer spending. This is expected to affect the demand for iPhone in the first quarter of next year. This could reduce iPhone production by about 14 percent on a year-on-year basis.

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