Artemis 1 Mission Update Nasa Orion spacecraft Communication lost for 47 minutes

The Artemis 1 mission of the American space agency NASA is probing the Moon. However, on Wednesday, its Orion Spacecraft increased the concern of scientists. It is said that Orion capsule lost contact with NASA. Communication was interrupted for about 47 minutes, which increased the tension of NASA and the scientists associated with the mission. For what reason this happened, it is not yet known. Scientists are probing the matter.

The Artemis 1 mission, launched on 16 November, is progressing successfully. Its purpose is to establish how to send humans to the moon again in the future. The Orion spacecraft on its way to its goal brought a challenge on Wednesday. NASA mission controllers lost contact with the Orion spacecraft. in a brief update NASA It has been told from the side that the reconfiguration has been done several times in the last few days. The reason why communication with Orion was lost is under investigation.

NASA said that this problem has been fixed. NASA engineers are examining the data coming from the Orion spacecraft to find out what happened. NASA officials say that the communication outage lasted for about 47 minutes. The Orion spacecraft is fine and undamaged.

Meanwhile, the Orion spacecraft will try to complete an important mission tomorrow. Under this, the Orion capsule will make space in the Moon’s orbit. If all goes well, the Orion spacecraft will remain in the same orbit for about a week and then return to Earth on December 1.

Point to be noted is that orion spacecraft Has also recorded a very cool video. Earth can be seen from the Moon in this video. orion spacecraft Captured Earth in its high resolution camera while flying by the Moon. Such a sight has hardly been seen, in which the earth is seen from the moon.

NASA It has also expressed the possibility that by the end of this decade, humans will be able to live on the moon for a long time. The agency says that the Artemis mission enables us to have a permanent platform and transportation system. It allows us to learn how to operate in that deep space environment.

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