Arun Goyal appointment case: When AG said on the quick questions of SC… ‘I will give all the answers, but let me speak’

New Delhi: The Supreme Court today reserved its judgment after a 4-day hearing on petitions seeking an independent selection panel for the appointments of Chief Election Commissioner and Election Commissioners in a fair and transparent manner. Justice Ajay Rastogi, Justice Aniruddha Bose, Justice Hrishikesh Roy and Justice CT Ravikumar headed by Justice KM Joseph 5 member constitution bench Hearing in the case. The bench has given 5 days time to all the parties in the case to give written arguments. The Supreme Court will decide in its decision whether an independent panel should be constituted for the appointment of the Chief Election Commissioner and Election Commissioners in a fair and transparent manner. For your information, let us tell you that Arun Goyal had taken voluntary retirement from the post of Industries Secretary on 18th November and on 19th November he was appointed as the Election Commissioner.

before yesterday as per instructions Attorney General R Venkataramani On Thursday, the Supreme Court presented the file related to the appointment of former Punjab cadre IAS officer Arun Goyal to the post of Election Commissioner. A five-judge bench raised questions on the appointment process of Arun Goyal after reading the file. Supreme Court The Election Commission announced the vacancy of the post on May 15 and processed the file for appointment of Arun Goel as Election Commissioner with ‘lightning speed’ within 24 hours, told Attorney General R Venkataramani, appearing for the Centre. Approved. What an assessment. We are not questioning the credentials of EC Arun Goyal, but the process of his appointment. How did the file get clearance in a single day? This post was vacant since May 15. You tell what happened between 15 May and 18 November.

On this, Attorney General R Venkataramani said that he would answer everything, but the court should at least give him a chance to speak. The Attorney General told the constitution bench of the apex court that the Ministry of Law and Justice itself prepares a list of potential candidates, then the most suitable of them is selected. The Prime Minister also has a role in this. The Supreme Court asked, ‘The Law Minister sent 4 names. The question is also why were these 4 names sent? Then how was the junior most officer selected for the post? The officer who is going to retire in December also took VRS before joining this post. to us fromArun Goyal) has no problem. He has had an excellent academic record. Our concern is about the process/basis of appointment. Justice Joseph told the Center – It should not be understood that we have made up our mind or we are against you. We are only debating and discussing.

Attorney General R Venkataramani said that nothing wrong has happened in the process of appointment of Arun Goel to the post of Election Commissioner. Earlier also appointments have been made in 12 to 24 hours. The 4 names taken from DoPT’s database are publicly available. The bench asked, but why these 4? Then why choose the junior most among them? The Attorney General said in response to this question, seniority, retirement, age etc. are looked into while taking names. It has a complete system. Instead of age, seniority is considered on the basis of batch. The question is whether the small things of the executive will be reviewed here? constitution bench Said, we are just trying to understand the process. Do not think that the court has made up its mind against you. Even now those who are being elected, they are not able to stay on the post of Chief Election Commissioner for 6 years.

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