Belgian girl fell in love with Karnataka’s auto driver, now took 7 rounds in the temple, read unique love story


A Belgian girl fell in love with a Karnataka boy
Couple married in Hampi temple with Indian tradition
Youth works as tow driver and guide in Vijaynagar

Vijayanagara (Karnataka). It is said that people cross the border in love. Something similar has come to the fore in Karnataka. Actually, a Belgian girl fell in love with a young man from Vijayanagar. Then the girl traveled 7,374 km and got married in the famous Hampi temple. The couple got married according to Indian tradition. According to media reports, the name of the girl is being told as Camille and the name of the young man as Anantharaju.

The affair was going on between the two for about four years. It is being told that Anankaraju works as an auto driver and guide in Hampi. Camille from Belgium is a social worker. Both had met in Hampi itself.

This is how the love story of both started

It is said that about four years ago, Camille had come to Hampi with her family on a tour. During this, Anantharaju helped him. Camille’s family liked Anantharaju’s honesty a lot. Camille also fell in love with Anantharaju as soon as she saw it.

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Marriage according to Hindu tradition
It is being told that Camille and Anantharaju were to get married three years ago, but this could not happen due to Corona. Anantharaju and his family wanted both of them to get married in India. Then Kemil’s family also agreed for this. Couple married in Hampi temple with pomp wedding happened.

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