Bharat Jodo Yatra: Controversy sparked by Rahul Gandhi’s new statement on RSS, BJP objected

Khandva, Congress leader came to Madhya Pradesh with Bharat Jodo Yatra Rahul Gandhi Controversy has arisen on the new statement of in Khandwa Uncle Tantya Bhil Rahul Gandhi came to pay homage at the birthplace of Tantya Bhil RSS was held responsible. BJP has expressed deep objection on this. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra was the second day in Madhya Pradesh on Thursday. He was in Khandwa. After rest on Thursday afternoon, he reached Baroda Ahir, the birthplace of Tantya Mama of Khandwa. Rahul Gandhi garlanded the statue of Tantya Mama and held a public meeting here. In his address, he fiercely attacked the RSS. Accused the RSS of supporting the British for the hanging of Tantya Mama.

Hail Johar, Hail Adivasi
In the Adivasi Sabha, Rahul Gandhi started his speech with Jai Johar, Jai Adivasi. He said that Tantya Mama had a thought and an ideology, because of that thought I have come here. Today I was reading about Tantya Mama, she was born on 26 January. In Maharashtra, I talked about the word Adivasi. Adivasi means those who have been living in the country since before. You are Adivasi and most If you are already living in the country, then it means that you are the real owner of the country. When we think of Tantya Mama, words like fearlessness, tribal, revolutionary come. When Tantya Mama was going to be hanged, his There was no fear in my heart. Your love had dispelled their fear.

direct attack on rss
Rahul Gandhi said that when the British were doing atrocities in the country, the RSS was supporting the British. In such a situation, it can be understood that what kind of dual policy is this of the BJP. On the other hand, on the issue of water, forest and land, he told that the PESA law has been made to take away the rights of the tribals and not to give them rights.

Tribal rights on land, water and forest
Rahul said- A few days ago I heard a speech of PM in which he used the word Vanvasi. You should have rights on land, water and jungle. Also, if your children want to become doctors, engineers, the government should help you. But BJP is doing the work of privatization, so you do not get good treatment and education. Tribals are directly hurt by privatization

Demonetisation – GST is the weapon
Rahul said that the word Vanvasi means that you are not the owner and live in the forest. You should not get anything outside the forest, BJP is also giving the forest to the industrialists. Forests are being cut and when forests are not saved, you will have nothing left. This is the meaning behind BJP’s saying Vanvasi. After apologizing, those who do the work of snatching land, forest and water should be given back.

Difference between forest dwellers and tribals
Rahul Gandhi said that as soon as our government comes here, we will use the word tribal and will give you all your rights. Maximum atrocities on tribals happen in MP. Tantya Mama was hanged by the British and RSS helped her. The same happened with Birsa Munda. When we were fighting the British, great men were being hanged, then the RSS stood with the British. The word Vanvasi is the word to eliminate you and the word Adivasi is the word to give you rights.

Digvijay Singh coded Savarkar
Digvijay Singh, national in-charge of Bharat Jodo Yatra, said – Tribals are the original inhabitants of the country. We all come from South Asia. Digvijay said that Hindutva has nothing to do with religion. Savarkar himself has said this – Hindutva is just an identity. BJP does not have any issue. Only loot and eat is going on. Digvijay Singh said on Kejriwal’s tweet against Gujarat that he is BJP’s B team.

Objection to Rahul’s statement
After the statement given by Rahul Gandhi in Khandwa, rhetoric has started. BJP spokesperson Ram Dangore said that Rahul Gandhi has crossed the limit of words, Rahul Gandhi told RSS responsible for Tantya Mama’s hanging, accused RSS of supporting the British during the hanging.

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