Bhojpuri Trailer: Chintu Pandey falls in love with Kajal Raghavani, their love story is very interesting!

Bhojpuri cinema’s action star Pradeep Pandey Chintu and actress Kajal Raghwani are often in discussions about their personal life and dating each other. Meanwhile, both have fallen in love with each other. But this matter is not of real but of reel. Yes, the trailer video of his film ‘Hote Hote Pyar Ho Gaya’ has been released on YouTube, which is a very romantic and amazing love story. People are liking it a lot. See…

The video of Bhojpuri film ‘Hote Hote Pyar Ho Gaya’ (Hote Hote Pyar Ho Gaya) has been released towards the YouTube channel of Yashi Films, in which it is seen that Chintu is in love with Kajal Raghavani. Their love story has been shot in London. First there is a quarrel between them, then friendship and later their friendship turns into love and feelings. Kajal goes to London to break her marriage but comes back with a new relationship. But in this you will not get to see the secret love of ‘DDLJ’. At the end of the trailer, Chintu also says that he is not like Raj of DDLJ. In such a situation, the full story of this suspense thriller and love story best film will be known only after watching the movie. Amazing romantic chemistry is being seen between Chintu and Kajal in this. The actress is adding glamor to salwar suits and sarees in foreign countries too, just like Indian women.

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Let us tell you that Sahar Afsha, who has made a distance from films, has given a guest appearance in this while she has left the industry for Islam. Like Sana Khan, she too has gone on the path of Allah. Because their profession is not allowed in their religion. The film has love angle and comedy as well as suspense, whose climax is going to surprise you.

Chintu and Kajal are busy shooting for back to back films
These days, people are liking the chemistry of Pradeep Pandey Chintu and Kajal Raghavani on the Bhojpuri screen. Their pair is busy shooting for back to back films. Apart from the film ‘Hote Hote Pyaar Ho Gaya’, both are going to be seen in many movies. This includes films like ‘Padosan’. However, let’s come back to ‘Hote Hote Pyaar Ho Gaya’. This is a film based on London based love angle. Its producers are Manisha Sinha, Shivanshu Pandey. The director is Ananjay Raghuraj.

If you look at its starcast, apart from Pradeep Pandey Chintu and Kajal Raghavani, Awadhesh Mishra, Rohit Singh Matru, Krishna Kumar, Amit Shukla, Shraddha Naval, Khushi Jha, Aditi Raghuraj are in the lead roles. The story is of Rakesh Tripathi. Music is given by Sajan Mishra, Lyrics are by Ashutosh Tiwari, Dharam Hindustani, Yadav Raj, Rohit and Wasim Qazi. Choreographers are Ricky Gupta, Sanjay Konve and Pravin Selar.

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