Bhopal also has unique sculpture like Khajuraho, 24 temples found in archaeological search


Ashapuri local museum has about 273 idols recovered from the Bhoothnath site.
In the Bhootnath complex, the sculpture and architecture of Gyaraspur Temple, Khajuraho Temple, Ujjain, Udayaditya Temple are found.

Bhopal. Small village. Raw-old to 50-60 houses. Surrounded by hills and forest on one side. As soon as you enter the village, you will see sculptures with unique carvings and unique craftsmanship everywhere.
It is also said that wherever excavation is done around this village, from there beautiful artifacts engraved on the stones come out. The remains of 24 temples have been found together in the excavation.

Special is the Bhootnath temple spread over several acres of land. It is believed that once there was a famine in the surrounding area, people came and performed Havan in this Bhootnath temple. It rained heavily as soon as the mantra was recited and the havan was performed. Since then it is also the center of faith. We are talking about the village Ashapuri situated at a distance of 7 km from Bhojpur and about 20 km from Bhopal. This village, which comes in the border of Raisen district, has a storehouse of medieval architecture and craftsmanship. This village located near Raisen district has been destroyed in the stories of its own destroyed temples, people have forgotten the reason for the existence of these temples. The scattered remains here are telling their own story.

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from your city (Bhopal)

Madhya Pradesh

The temple is made of red sandstone

There are many beliefs of the local people of the village on the Bhootnath temple group, that at one time there was a famine, then a havan was performed at the Bhootnath complex so that rain would arrive here, due to which this complex is priceless for the villagers. There are many temples located at different places in Ashapuri village like Bhootnath, Ashapuri Devi, Bilota and Satmasiya. Out of which the Bhootnath temple is spread over several acres of land. Where the remains of 24 temples have been received by the government. These temples present different styles of medieval architecture such as Nagara style, Bhumija style, Shikhar style etc. This temple was made of red sandstone. It is understood from the remains of these temples that it was not only a built temple, but it must have been a center for the construction of temples, or it must have been used as an experimental site, due to which we got the remains of different styles here. There are many huge temples of these styles located in Central India like Gyaraspur Temple, Khajuraho Temple, Ujjain, Udayaditya Temple etc. In the Bhootnath complex, we get the construction, craftsmanship and architecture of all these temples in one place.

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Mother Asha Devi protected the villagers from the demons

Raisen is very rich in terms of historical heritage, a wonderful example of which is Ashapuri. It is 7 kms from Bhojpur and 20 kms from Bhimbetka. This village is famous for its cultural heritage. Ashapuri village is named after the temple of Asha Devi Maa who protected the villagers from an asura. After this, many descendants came and went, but the temples of different types of architecture and craftsmanship built by the medieval descendants Parmar and Parihar kings, which have been present here for many centuries. This temple enhances the splendor of Indian culture. Along with Hindu temples, pilgrimage sites of Jainism are also present here. About 273 statues have been received from Bhootnath site in Ashapuri local museum, many statues have been collected and displayed in Birla Museum and State Museum.

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