Big news for fans, cricket can be included in Olympics, tournament between 6 countries!


Cricket can be given a place in the Olympics
ICC recommends 6 nation tournament

New Delhi. A good news is coming for the fans of cricket. Cricket can once again be included in the Olympics after a long time. According to the news, it has been recommended to conduct the tournament of 6 countries in the Olympics to be held in 2028. This recommendation has been made by the International Cricket Council for the tournament of both men’s and women’s teams.

The ICC is trying hard to include cricket in the Los Angeles Olympics to be held in 2028. According to the report of the British publication Telegraph, the ICC has recommended the tournament to be included in the Olympics between men’s and women’s 6 teams. In this tournament played in T20 format, top 6 teams will be given place on the basis of their ranking.

According to the information, during the 2028 Olympics, men’s and women’s 6-nation T20 tournaments can be held one after the other instead of being held simultaneously at different places. With this, the expenses incurred in organizing the event can be reduced. To keep the number of athletes down, each team will be allowed to carry a maximum of 14 players.

How will be the format of the tournament

Talking about the format of this tournament to be held between 6 teams in the Olympics, teams can be placed in two groups of 3-3. Out of this, the top 2 teams of both the groups will get a chance to advance to the semi-finals. Both the teams that win the knockout will reach the final. The winning team will be given a gold medal, while the runner-up team will be given a silver medal. At the same time, the match will be played for the bronze medal between the two teams facing defeat in the semi-finals.

Cricket was included in the Olympics

Cricket has been a part of the Olympics. It was included in the sports in the Paris Olympics in the year 1900. This was the first and last time cricket was included in the Olympics. Only two teams from France and Great Britain participated in it. Great Britain won the gold medal here while France got the silver medal.

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