Big order of Uttarakhand High Court, sacked employees of Vidhansabha will not be reinstated

Nainital. The employees who were fired in the Vidhan Sabha in the backdoor recruitment case have also received a setback from the High Court. The Chief Justice Court has quashed the order of the single bench, in which, while banning the suspension order of the employees, they were asked to be reinstated on the job without appointment by direct recruitment. Please tell that the assembly secretariat had challenged the decision of the single bench.

In fact, the High Court had stayed the suspension order on 15 October. In separate orders from 27 to 29 September, the assembly had fired more than 228 employees recruited from the backdoor. Which was challenged by the employees in the High Court. The High Court had stayed this order.

At the same time, the employees will now file a petition in the Supreme Court. Advocate Avtar Singh Rawat told the court that if the violation happened through them then it is wrong. Article 14 was violated not only by these employees but from 2001 till now, how can action be taken only on people from 2016 to 2021. Avtar Singh said that he will file a petition in the Supreme Court against this order. Along with this, on other matters which are to be heard in a single bench, we will present the side of the employees.

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Please tell that in the special appeal of the Assembly Secretariat on Thursday, the lawyer said that there has been an open violation of the rules in the recruitment. Recruitment rules in the assembly were also not followed in the appointment, nor was the release issued. The backdoor appointment of these personnel was given on the basis of an application.

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