Big relief to metro passengers, this service will start from Friday on the gray line of Delhi Metro

New Delhi. Delhi Metro is going to give great relief to metro passengers with automatic signaling system on gray line from Friday i.e. 25 November 2022. Delhi Metro will start Metro services on this line between Najafgarh and Dhansa Bus Stand section on Up and Down line. Due to this, the people around will have to wait less to travel in the train.

DMRC informed that till now, services on this section were being operated through single line in manual mode. Due to which the waiting time of trains was longer. However, now with the start of service on the up and down line, the train will be available at 07 minutes 30 seconds in peak hours, which was till now available in 12 minutes. At the same time, during off-peak hours, it will be available in 12 minutes, which was available with a headway of 15 minutes.

Along with this, with the commencement of this double line, the traveling time from Dwarka to Dhansa bus stand on gray line will also reduce by about 04 minutes to about 08 minutes.

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