Bigg Boss 16 latest update no any contestant will get evicted form salman khan show

Bigg Boss 16: Some or the other news is coming out from the house of Bigg Boss 16. Some or the other video related to this show of Salman Khan is being released every day. In the recent S video, you saw how Sajid Khan and Archana Gautam were seen fighting with each other. Ever since the release of this promo, the excitement among the people to watch this episode of the show is on high label. In the show, where the audience did not get tired of praising Archana, on the other hand, they were also angry with Sajid. Everyone is scared seeing the way the eliminations are happening in Bigg Boss. But now with the new update of the show, the contestants will get a sigh of relief this weekend. The news is coming out that this week no one will go to their home from the show.

danger of elimination

Don’t know how many efforts the members of the house have to make to stay in Bigg Boss house. Every contestant works day and night to stay here. But this week the threat of elimination hanging over the heads of all the members of the house has been averted as there will be no elimination this weekend. as in the previous test Sajid and Archana entangled with each other and are now enemies of each other. Due to that the atmosphere of the house became very hot. Companion, the danger of elimination was also made on the family members.

There will be no homeless this weekend

After the recent nomination task, Archana Gautam, Soundarya Sharma, Sumbul Touqueer Khan and Akint Gupta are also nominated. You must know about MC Stan that Salman Khan has already nominated him for 4 weeks. According to this weekend’s news this week Big Boss No one will be homeless from the house of After hearing this news, all the members of the house have heaved a sigh of relief and their fans are also looking very happy.

Tina and Shaleen get angry at Sumbul

Recently, Bigg Boss made Sumbul talk to his family members. In which Sumbul’s father made some comments to Sumbul about Shaleen and Tina. And then Bigg Boss put all these things in front of the family members. After listening to which Shaleen and Tina were seen very agitated and both of them scolded Sumbul a lot.

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