‘Bulldozer’ entry in Rajasthan’s politics too, not BJP but RLP steering here


Sardarshahar assembly seat by-election
RLP jumped with bulldozer in election summer
Nagaur MP Hanuman Beniwal reached for public relations with bulldozer

Jaipur. The Yogi Adityanath government of Uttar Pradesh is taking action by running bulldozers at the houses of mafias and anti-social elements there. Since then, the identity of CM Adityanath Yogi has become that of Bulldozer Baba. Yogi Adityanath’s bulldozer action remains a topic of discussion in political circles across the country. Now the same bulldozer has been entered in the Sardarshahar by-election as well. But the bulldozer’s entry here was not done by the BJP but by the National Democratic Party. The by-election for the Sardarshahar assembly seat in Churu district is to be held on December 5.

This seat fell vacant after the demise of senior Congress leader and Sardarshahar MLA Pandit Bhanwar Lal Sharma. Votes are to be cast for the by-election in Sardarshahar on December 5. While BJP has nominated Ashok Pincha for this seat, Congress has expressed faith in Anil Sharma, son of late MLA Bhanwarlal Sharma. Nagaur between these two Member of parliament Hanuman Beniwal’s National Democratic Party has made the contest triangular by making Lalchand Mund its candidate. Beniwal reached there on Tuesday night with a bulldozer.

Beniwal is trying new methods for election campaign

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Party supremo Hanuman Beniwal himself is engaged in a smoky election campaign to win the candidate of the National Democratic Party, Lalchand Mound. They are doing public relations and election meetings even till late night. In order to get the support of the farmer voters, Hanuman Beniwal is doing many unique experiments in view of the election campaign. Sometimes they are giving the message of driving a tractor to fight for the interests of the farmers. At the same time, his supporters are welcoming him by making him sit on a camel and a horse in public relations programmes. So that due to the indigenous style, a place can be made among the rural people.

Beniwal said for the first time I am sitting on a bulldozer

In this episode, RLP chief Hanuman Beniwal went to Gajusar village to address the election meeting. For this, Beniwal reached among the public by driving a bulldozer. Addressing the election meeting after getting down from the bulldozer, he said that he is sitting in a bulldozer for the first time in his life. For the first time, he has also tried his hand at steering the bulldozer. He said that I am the son of a farmer. Can ride bulldozer too. I can also ride a camel and plow the field. By running a bulldozer in the political summer of the by-elections to be held before the 2023 assembly elections in Rajasthan, National Democratic Party supremo Hanuman Beniwal gave the message that RLP is now ready to run its bulldozer on the ideology of BJP and Congress.

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