Charu Asopa’s anger erupted again on Rajeev Sen! Made new sensational allegations; And the bitterness of relations increased

Mumbai. The news of Rajeev Sen and Charu Asopa has been in headlines since the past. After a long dispute, both have taken separate paths. Charu has shifted to a different house with her daughter Gianna. In the past, Charu had given fans a digital tour of the house in his blog. Now Charu is once again in the headlines of the media.

Charu has made many sensational allegations against Rajeev Sain. In a recent interview, Charu said that Rajeev is using my name and daughter Gianna’s name to increase the viewership of his YouTube blogs. Along with this, Charu said that Rajeev also sends messages to her.

Sensational allegations against Rajeev
Charu Asopa recently told in an interview given to ETimes that Rajeev has been messaging her since last one week. Charu told that Rajeev has sent messages like ‘good morning’, ‘have a good day’ and ‘good night’ to which he has politely replied. Charu said that all this seems a bit awkward.

Because the last time we talked, it was in connection with the case. Charu said that in this situation I felt that perhaps some feelings are coming in his heart. But later I understood that Rajeev wants to use my name and daughter Gianna’s name to increase the viewership of his blogs. Charu said that if Rajiv does not talk about me and his daughter, then he does not have any special viewership.

Charu and Rajeev’s love story is intriguing
Rajeev Sen, brother of actress Sushmita Sen, married Charu Asopa in the year 2019. Both met through a common friend. After this both of them became friends. To be friends for a few days, both started dating. After this, in the year 2019, both of them decided to get married. After marriage, the pair of both also started getting a lot of headlines.

There was also a lot of fan following on social media. However, the love of both did not last long and the quarrel started. After this both decided to separate. After separating for a few days, both of them resolved the quarrel and came together for the sake of their daughter Gianna. But within a few days the quarrel escalated. Now both are separated. Charu has announced divorce in the month of September.

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