‘Charu se baat hoti hai’, Rajeev Sen claimed, the actress gave such a reaction

Mumbai: The married life of Sushmita Sen’s brother-in-law i.e. Rajeev Sen and Charu Asopa is going through a bad phase. The disputes and problems between the two are no longer hidden from anyone. Rajeev and Charu have recently announced divorce once again. About which there is a lot of discussion on social media. Both have also made many serious allegations against each other. Meanwhile, Rajeev Sen claimed that he is still in touch with Charu. Now Charu has also reacted to this claim of Rajeev.

Charu told in an interview that Rajeev had messaged her on WhatsApp only recently, seeing which she was surprised. Because, she found it a bit strange in the beginning and she was wondering what was cooking in her mind. Charu says- ‘He has been continuously messaging me like ‘Good morning’, ‘Have a good day’ and ‘Good night’ for the last few days. Before this, we were only talking about legal proceedings. So it seemed a bit strange to me.

On the other hand, Charu has now shifted to a new house. Charu has told in her video that she is now living in a 2 room house with her daughter Gianna. Charu has left the luxury apartment of husband Rajeev and has taken a separate apartment for herself. Charu has also given a home tour of this house. While sharing the video, Charu has shown his two room house from inside. Along with this, he has also expressed satisfaction that even though this house is small, it is enough for him and his daughter Gianna.

Charu has shared this video on his YouTube channel. In which she is telling that her fans wanted to see this small house of hers. That is why he has shared this video of his house. Charu has shown in the video that his new house has a living room and a bedroom. There is a kitchen and two bathrooms with it. There is also a balcony from both the rooms, due to which good sunlight comes.

Charu has also told in the video that she has kept the living room for Gianna, in which she can play. They have put mattresses on the ground, on which Gianna plays. Charu has also decorated the balcony with a sofa and has made a small temple in the kitchen. Charu has also told the reason for building a temple in the kitchen. They say that the kitchen is considered the purest part of the house, that’s why they have established a temple here.

Let me tell you, Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen got married in 2019 with pomp and show. There was a lot of discussion on both sides of their marriage. But, only after a few months of marriage, the dispute between the two came to the fore. The couple remained separated for a long time. But, when Charu became pregnant, Rajeev and Charu came together again. But, suddenly once again both of them announced their separation and till now the on-and-off relationship between the two continues.

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