Congress raised doubt on employees voting less than ballot in Himachal Pradesh, will complain to Election Commission

Solan. Voting is still going on in the Himachal Pradesh assembly elections through ballot paper. The Congress has expressed doubt on the employees voting less than the ballot paper. The party alleges that many workers did not get ballot papers. Congress State Secretary Advocate Rohit Sharma said that in Himachal Pradesh, about 1.27 lakh employees were put on duty in the assembly elections, but till November 24 only about 38 thousand employees have voted. He said that such low turnout is suspicious. He said that many employees could not get ballot papers despite applying. Will complain about this to the Election Commission.

Talking to reporters in Solan on Friday, State Congress Secretary Advocate Rohit Sharma said that such information is being received that in the last assembly elections, there were about 18 such assembly seats in which the difference between victory and defeat was less than 2 thousand votes. EDC i.e. Election Duty Certificate is issued to the employees whose duty is to conduct elections. Whose application had to be made by filling Form No. 12. Its last date was fixed on November 7, 2022, but surprisingly, many of the employees who applied have not been able to get the ballot papers till date.

He said that no facility was made available to guide the employees in the election rehearsal. The phone numbers of the employees were also entered in Form 12, yet this is doubtful. He said that receiving ballot paper is not being given at the post office. Many employees, mainly from the Police and Education Department, were put on duty at the polling booth at the last moment before the election, due to which they could not get Form 12 and they were deprived of voting. He said that there is no conspiracy behind this so that government employees cannot vote. He said that the Election Commission should immediately take cognizance of this and clarify its position.

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On the other hand, regarding this matter, DC Solan District Election Officer Kritika Kulhari has said that belt papers have been made available to all the employees who applied. He said that the time for voting and the papers of the employees are also coming. However, it will be interesting to see what action the Election Commission takes on the allegations of the Congress.

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