Deadly attack on the headman in Lalu Yadav’s village Phulwaria, 8 injured, the area turned into a police cantonment


Stabbing and fatal attack in Panchayati in Lalu Yadav’s native village Phulwaria.
Panchayati was called at the door of chief Altaf Hussain regarding the land dispute.
After the incident, there was a scuffle with the police team that went to arrest the attackers.

Gopalganj. In Phulwaria, the native village of RJD supremo Lalu Prasad, there was fierce knife fighting in the panchayati called on Saturday over a land dispute. After the incident, there was a scuffle with the police who had gone to arrest the attackers, after which the police had to return immediately. Phulwaria police informed the senior officers about this.

Eight people including Phulwaria Panchayat head Altaf Hussain and his son Adnam Sai, driver Raj Kumar Manjhi were injured in the incident. The injured chief has been stabbed in many places, due to which the doctors have told his condition to be worrying. The incident is of Phulwaria village under Phulwaria police station area of ​​Gopalganj district.

Here, as soon as the news of the incident was received, Police Captain Anand Kumar inquired about the entire situation from the station head, after which the police of Shripur OP, Mirganj, Gopalpur, Uchkagaon police station were sent to the spot besides Fulcharia police station. The police of five police stations are conducting raids to arrest the attackers. The police has also detained a person, whose interrogation is going on. Seeing the tense situation, the entire area has been converted into a police cantonment.

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Hathua SDPO Naresh Kumar told that the situation is normal. Police is continuously raiding for arrest. On the other hand, the injured chief has been admitted from Marchhiya Devi Referral Hospital to the emergency ward of Sadar Hospital. According to the doctors, due to stabbing in the head and stomach, excessive blood has fallen, so the condition has become worrying.

It is said that a panchayati was called in the chief’s house regarding the land dispute, where Ujjwal Kumar Singh got into an argument with Raj Kapoor Singh, after which the fight started. The police have identified the people who attacked the chief and are conducting raids to arrest them.

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