Detail Review: ‘Tamil Rockers’ was not as good as it was hyped and hyped

Detail Review: After watching the web series “Tamil Rockers” released on Sony Liv, it is realized that an attempt has been made to make a story of a policeman on the infamous website Tamil Rockers. Tamil Rockers is a web series inspired by a true incident. The series was widely publicized and since the original series is made in Tamil and based on a story emanating from pirated movie markets originating from Chennai, there was a lot of buzz on the internet as well.

When its Hindi version was released on Sony Liv, a lot of people saw it but seeing it, they felt a little disappointed, because it could have become a good thriller story, but seeing the way the story was chased away in the last 2 episodes It seems that the backstory of Tamilrockers should have been shown more. However, the series is good, can watch.

The craze for films in Tamil Nadu is more than devotion. Stars don’t have fan clubs, they are temples. Many film stars took steps towards politics and also became successful. From MG Ramachandran to Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan and now Ajith Kumar, Vijay or Dhanush; It is difficult to guess the craze of the audience towards everyone. A book can be written on the anecdotes related to Rajinikanth’s life and on the First Day First Show of any Tamil film, processions, going to the theater with musical instruments, anointing milk on a more than a hundred feet high cut-out of the film star. Karna, worship before the film starts and then after the film starts clapping, whistles, dancing, singing and showering of coins on the screen.

Due to this craze many times the mind of the producer and director has reached the seventh sky and they have also treated the new artists badly. Because of one such incident, a person who sold pirated DVDs and wanted to work in films had vowed that he would not allow any film of that producer to run. For this, he along with his friends creates a website – Tamil Rockers. Every new movie on this website was made available for free to download and watch. His acquaintances used to play that film in a theater located in a remote corner the night before its release and record the film playing on the screen with a digital camera.. Immediately after recording it was put on the website of Tamilrockers so that People all over the world can download and watch it.

Due to this, the filmmakers started suffering losses. Some courageous producers together appealed to the government and with the help of the police launched a campaign to nab the founders of Tamil Rockers. For many years, Tamil rockers managed to escape from the police and run their web sites in different ways, using computers and the Internet artistically. After all, the police also understood computers and slowly started cracking down on them. Tamil rockers were finally caught. Although the website of Tamil Rockers was closed, many other websites started doing the same thing on their lines.

The original story is given so little screen time that we forget what the real purpose of Tamil Rockers was because of explaining each story separately by entangling many strings. The story was about boys selling pirated DVDs and CDs in Burma Bazaar, Chennai, who in a fit of rage created a torrent website and uploaded the digital print of every new film for free. That story has been shown in a very small way in the entire series. In the web series made on crime, how crime happens or how a person started his crime business and how far he took it, these things should have been shown in detail.

Tamil Rockers tries to focus on Rudra’s anger over the police officer Rudra (Arun Vijay) and his wife, then her abduction and murder. Arun is a good actor and has played his character well but this cannot be the original story. The fact is that in real life Tamil rockers were loved by the general public because because of them they could download and watch every new movie and save money for tickets/popcorns/cold drinks. In this series, he has been described as almost a villain and a wrongdoer. It is true, but by ignoring the thinking of the general public, the series gets cut off from the audience.

There were high expectations from VJ Sabu Joseph’s editing in Tamil Rockers, but what will the editing do when the screenplay itself is messed up. Editing is still good because thrill remains in many scenes. Running towards the climax when Rudra goes to raid the hideout of Tamil rockers and finally arrests them, the entire sequence is a work of stupendous editing. Cinematographer B Rajasekhar’s work is also excellent, especially in the dark scenes of the night, with the help of excellent lighting, he has maintained the pace of the series from the camera in the scenes inside the theater, the rooms of the farm house and the chase sequence. Arivalgan’s direction also seems well done.

As long as the focus of the story remains on the hackers, the story remains interesting. As soon as the story starts focusing on the film producers and their back story, the story starts getting boring. Hansal Mehta’s series 1992 – Harshad Mehta Story focused on Harshad Mehta’s modus operandi and how Harshad grew into a grown man, how his ethics and behavior changed, keeping the story interesting. . By showing the back story of Tamil Rockers in a very short way, the audience was not given a chance to connect with the story. Because of this, this long web series has become a bit cumbersome. Need some patience to watch, rest of the series is entertaining.

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