Detail Review: ‘The Lost City’ is laughably absurd

Detail Review: Nonsense films also reach the limit of stupidity without thinking where laughter comes. Is this laughter coming after watching the film or on yourself, it is your job to think. At least this is the case with the English film “The Lost City” which was recently released on Amazon Prime Video. Incoherent story, incoherent screenplay, incoherent dialogues and grossly crude acting together make the film so incoherent that you watch the film wondering why you are watching this film but still go on watching and end up laughing because you are watching at the end. Can’t even understand why you are watching this movie.

The film begins with the promotion of the new novel of Dr. Loretta Sage (Sandra Bullock), who writes novels mixing romance and adventure. Loretta has already written several novels on the adventures of the novel’s heroine Angela Lovemore and her love Dash McMahon. Loretta’s manager, agent, and publisher, Ben Hatton (Devin Joy Randolph), also hires Dash, who turns out to be a retarded model, Alan Caprice (Channing Tatum), for a promotion. Loretta and Dash only tolerate each other because of the novel. The novel is about the search for an old and lost city, so a noblewoman Abigail Fairfax (Daniel Radcliffe) kidnaps Loretta with the help of her men and takes her to an Atlantic island to find a lost city. Is.

Dash, with the help of one of his mentors and former Navy SEAL commando Jack Trainor (Brad Pitt), reaches the island to rescue Loretta. Jack is killed trying to rescue Loretta, and Loretta again becomes dependent on the retarded Dash, ie Alan. After this, Loreto-Dash is chased by Abigail and her goons and they both want to save their lives by finding the lost city with the help of a map given by Abigail. After lots of chase sequences, gunfights, shootouts and action, Loreto-Dash reaches the real treasure, which is not gold or silver ornaments but seashells symbolizing the immortal love story of the king and queen of the lost city. are made. As the climax approaches, Loreto’s publisher turns Abigail over to the police and Loreto and Dash confess their love to each other. Story over. Jack is shown alive in the end credits.

The story is utter nonsense. Director Seth Gordon, producer of many TV series and a few films, started working on this story about 8-9 years ago. Sandra had also refused to work on this film but Seth convinced her to produce the film together. Director duo Adam and Aron Neill also joined Oren Uziel (writer of the Mortal Kombat series) and Dana Fox (writer of The Wedding Date, What Happens in Vegas) for the script and dialogue. Despite all this, there was no significant difference in the level of story and screenplay of the film. The entire film is full of silly scenes. Despite this, the film did well at the box office and the distributor Paramount Pictures benefited greatly. Nor was Pinar Toprak’s music memorable. The action-adventure scenes were similar to many older films such as Indiana Jones, and the music therefore lacked a theme. The camera work by Jonathan Sela, the cinematographer for the music video and some of the action films, was also simple. Grandeur could not be seen in any scene. The editing of Craig Alpert, the editor of a comedy film like Borat, was also ineffective. At many places, the scenes have been cut in a very awkward manner, due to which the viewers did not feel any attachment to the story.

Why did Sandra Bullock do this film, this question must have come in everyone’s mind. Even acting was fine, he also produced this film. Apart from comedy like Miss Congeniality and action films like Speed, Sandra has also done many emotional films. The specialties of her films were the film’s story and screenplay, but The Lost City lacked both and Sandra still acted in it, it was not understood. However, Sandra Bullock has earned a lot from producing films. Channing’s acting is the best. His role is as he looks. In the film, he always talks like a fool or a retarded person and his face also confirms this. Harry Potter i.e. Daniel Radcliffe has a huge task of ending the image of Harry Potter, so he has been doing negative roles for some time now. His role in this comedy seemed more like a retard. Rest of the characters were fine in their places.

The Lost City could have been a good movie. Hollywood has made many wonderful films on treasure hunting which have also been successful. This film is also successful at the box office but as a film it looks very raw. While watching it and after watching it, only one thought comes, why did you see this film at all.

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