Dharani portal:- “Dharani” All regarding TELANGANA LAND RECORD SYSTEM (Single window to manage land records, documents, and data inside the portal).

The Telangana government has launched the Dharani Portal in October month 2020, to modernize and modify the property technique for the citizens of Telangana. This Telangana land record portal is presently operational only for agricultural land. With the COVID-19 pandemic conveyance property registrations to halt.

Following the lockdown, the authorities aim to bring the whole procedure online, to remain the revenues flowing. with the exception of property registration, the portal aims to be a one-stop designation for land mutation, land record search, and various land-connected services. However, the services unit presently offered for agricultural land alone.

With this Dharani Telangana Portal, people can merely get their Land records details not alone this they will jointly transfer those land records that unit totally digitized inside the variability of PDFs.

How to log in to the Dharani Website

dharani portal

Follow these steps to log in online to the website:

  1. Visit the online website at https://dharani.telangana.gov.in
  2. Click on the ‘Login’ possibility that seems on the homepage,
  3. A new page can open, then
  4. Fill in all the details mentioned there i.e: ‘user type ‘ ‘username ‘ and also the ‘ password’, if the individual opt for the “citizen” possibility ( underneath user kind ), then he/she would be needed to input mobile number¬† and code,
  5. Once all the details were crammed, select login.

By using these simple steps you can easily log in to the online website.

Dharani Telangana

Dharani is an integrated land records management system inaugurated by the revenue department of Telangana. This online portal combines land registration and administration services, acting as one supply for land parcels and discharging land-connected functions in an economical {good} and efficient manner. Users can even read the land standing online on the Dharani Portal.

Outcomes of Dharani System:-

1. Systematized well-regulated land administration via workflow automation, backend digitization, integration of different applications of various departments, and adoption of innovative modern technology interventions.

2. Combining registration and land records functions pertaining to the agricultural land.

3. Single window to manage land records, which incorporates maintenance and updating of textual records, surveys, maps, etc.

4. The single source of truth for all data relating to land records.

5. Automatic active for mutation after registration or / on the basis of the request of citizens/department.

6. Real-time update of textual data and spatial data through the utilization of GIS tools.

7. saves time in maintaining the land records of citizens.

Land records contain complete information across the different departments at the district level or village level. The government’s initiative of digitization of property registration and managing land records on one single portal will make them more accessible to the citizens of the state. Improper land records can harm future transactions associated with the property.

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The services offered by this portal for citizens include:-

Revenue Services

  • Mutation/succession
  • Land valuation certificate
  • Land conversion / NALA
  • Agriculture income certificate

Registration Services

  • Certified copy
  • Duty and free calculator
  • Encumbrance certificate
  • Track Application
  • View Receipt
  • View unit Rates
  • Encumbrance search
  • Payment of Registration Services
  • Public Data Entry
  • Slot Booking and Slot Rescheduling

About Revenue Department:-  The Revenue Department of Telangana plays a crucial role within the overall administration within the state, right from the village level up to the district level. The objective of the department is to perpetuate the village revenue records, rationalize the revenue records, and collect different charges, such as NALA and water tax. It conjointly administers a variety of acts and rules in the state with regards to land and civil administration. The Revenue Department plays a crucial and active role in the execution of different schemes in the state.