Dholpur: Manoj Lodha completes Great Khali’s challenge, lifts LPG cylinder with one hand

Dholpur, 20-year-old Manoj Lodha, a resident of Kherli village in Dholpur district of Rajasthan, is becoming very popular on social media these days. So much so that people have now started calling him ‘Khali of Dholpur’. People are not calling him Khali just like that, but the reason behind this is Great Khali himself. Actually, a few days ago a video of wrestler The Great Khali went viral on social media. In this, he was seen with wrestler Abdullah Pathan, in which he challenged Abdullah to lift the cylinder with one hand.

In that viral video, Abdullah could not lift the cylinder. Whereas, Khali lifted the cylinder comfortably. After watching this video, Manoj of Kherli decided to lift the cylinder with one hand. Now the video of Manoj lifting the cylinder with one hand and the motorcycle with two hands is going viral.

Manoj made body without going to gym
The people of his village are also excited about Manoj’s exploits. Villagers say that if Manoj gets the right guidance and training, he can bring laurels to the state in weight lifting. At the same time, Manoj told that he never went to the gym and exercises at his own level while staying in the village.

The financial condition of the family is weak
Manoj Lodha told that the financial condition of his family is not good. After watching the video of The Great Khali, I got inspired that I can do the same, and I did. He says that he also wants to move forward in the field of weight lifting and wrestling. Manoj and his family have asked the state government to take it forward by giving financial help.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : November 24, 2022, 17:47 IST

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