‘Don’t play IPL if you want to win the World Cup’, says Rohit Sharma’s childhood coach


Dinesh Lad said – do not play IPL
Don’t compromise on international cricket – Dinesh Lad
Rohit Sharma’s childhood coach is Dinesh Lad

New Delhi: After Team India’s defeat in the semi-final match of the T20 World Cup, many questions have started to arise on the Indian team. Many veterans have even advised captain Rohit Sharma to leave the captaincy. Meanwhile, Rohit Sharma’s childhood coach Dinesh Lad says that if the Indian team has to win the 2023 ODI World Cup, they will have to distance themselves from the IPL.

Dinesh Lad said during a special conversation with Sportkeeda, ‘This team has not been stable in the last 7-8 months. If we are preparing for the World Cup then the team has to be united. In the last seven months, someone is coming to open, then someone is coming to bowl. This team is not stable at all.

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Dinesh further said, ‘I don’t think workload management is the reason for this. Everyone around the world is playing cricket. So you cannot make workload the reason. If this is the case then don’t play in IPL if you want to win the world cup. I think he should participate in every international match. Because we will definitely get something from them. Never compromise with international cricket.

He further said, ‘I cannot decide whether he should withdraw his name from IPL or not. They themselves have to decide on this. Because, when you play for India or for the state then only your name is considered for IPL. Your performance only helps you in the salary cap in IPL.

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