Dungarpur: Government college runs in the store room of the school, there is no chair to sit in the class

Dungarpur. Deval Government College Chief Minister of Dungarpur, Rajasthan budget Even after the announcement, the government school is running in a single room. There is not even the necessary furniture for the 127 students studying in the college to sit here. The situation is that the students are running the work by demanding from the school children from chair to chalk. The college was announced in the Chief Minister’s budget announcement. But, after opening the college, the Higher Education Department has forgotten this college. This government college is being run in a room of Deval Higher Secondary School.

In fact, it was announced to open government colleges in Devalpal and Ramsagada in the district. Deval College was opened in a hurry after a long wait under the Chief Minister’s budget announcement by the Directorate of College Commissioner. Due to paucity of classrooms in the school, only one room has been allotted for the college. Due to this, the students of the college have to bring their own seating, accommodation, drinking water and chalk-duster. There are 127 students studying in this government college.

Under pressure from the administration and the District Education Officer, two rooms in the senior school were allotted for the college. There was already a shortage of rooms in the school. In such a situation, one room of the dilapidated store room has been opened by the school for the college. This room had not been cleaned for many years. College students cleaned the room by bringing brooms from their homes. After this, he himself washed and cleaned the floor by bringing water from the hand pump. Now the entire college is being run in this one room.

College students Sunil Manat, Kailash and Geeta Manat told that furniture was needed after cleaning the room. For this, furniture (table-chairs) has to be brought from the senior school children on daily basis. Every day school children have to bring iron tables and stools from the classroom. Apart from this, they also have to bring chalk-duster, green board from the school.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : November 25, 2022, 18:30 IST

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