Ekta Kapoor changed the image of women, told what kind of stories women like to tell

New Delhi- Content queen Ekta Kapoor is the leading lady of the entertainment industry. Ekta Kapoor has given a new definition to the entertainment industry through her stories. Ekta has presented a different image of women in modern times through serials, web series and films. Ekta has portrayed stories on the big screen covering a wide range of different perspectives related to the status of women in society. Women have always been the center point of the story of unity. Recently, during an interview to a leading magazine, Ekta Kapoor opened up about taking women’s perspective on screen in a very creative way.

Talking about creating women-centric content, Ekta says, ‘Beyond the fact that I want to support my gender, this is a country where the remote of every household is in the hands of women. A country whose half of the population is female, gives rise to the belief that women-centric stories are many times more interesting, more entertaining and more multi-dimensional than male-centric stories.

According to Ekta, while telling stories related to women, one gets to know the real meaning of multitasking and navigation. “I love telling desi stories about women the most,” she says.

Ekta Kapoor has always experimented with different types of stories. He has never put himself in a box and has shown content that is never the same. Whenever Ekta Kapoor has given a film, she has balanced it with a big scale show.

When Ekta’s film ‘Paglat’ came, at the same time her web series ‘Married Woman’ also came. Then the year he produced the film ‘Udta Punjab’, he also helmed ‘Naagin’ and when he produced ‘Lootera’, he also worked on ‘Mohabbatein’.

Working on many big projects
Other than this, Ekta Kapoor Talking about her future projects, she has ‘Dream Girl 2’,
There are projects like ‘The Buckingham Murders’, ‘U-Turn’ and ‘The Crew’.

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