Exclusive! ‘Dil Diyan Gallan’ is the story of every person in India, Kaveri Priyam spoke openly about the new show

New Delhi: If viewers want to see something different and new on TV, then they should watch Kaveri Priyam’s new show ‘Dil Diyaan Gallan’ which is all set to air on ‘Sony SAB’. The actress is playing the lead role of ‘Amrita’ in the show. In a special conversation with ‘News 18 Hindi’, he told many interesting things related to the show, due to which the audience will be able to relate to themselves. She has played the role of Amrita in the show, who grew up in New York, USA. She wants to reconcile between her grandparents and parents living in India.

‘Sony SAB’ is famous for its comedy shows, although the genre of its new show ‘Dil Diyan Gallan’ is different. Regarding the show, Kaveri Priyam says, ‘Till now I have not done any comedy show in my career. My relation with ‘Sony SAB’ has been from ‘Ziddi Dil Mane Na’. It was not a comedy show, ‘Dil Diyan Gallan’ is also not a comedy show. This is a sentimental story of a family.

The story of the show ‘Dil Diyan Gallan’ is very close to the truth
The show ‘Dil Diyan Gallan’ is quite different from Kaveri’s previous shows. Explaining the reason for this, the actress says, ‘This show is very close to reality. Its story is such that every person living in India can relate to it. When children go away from home and family for studies or jobs, sometimes the distance between them turns into misunderstanding. Many things remain untold between them. Sometimes parents and sometimes children are unable to speak their mind. The story of the show is based on this. This is the story of a family living in Punjab, who have two children, who get separated from their parents and for some reason the parents are angry with them.

Kaveri Priyam’s character is quite interesting
Kavari Priyam tells about her character ‘Amrita’, ‘Amrita’s character is of a girl who grew up in New York, USA. She has grown up hearing about India, but she knows only one side of it. She understands father’s pain. She hates those people because of whom her father was hurt. When she comes to India and learns the story of the other side, how will she have a change of heart and how will she try to reconcile them, it will be a matter to be seen in the show. Amrita represents the new generation. Whatever she decides in her mind, she does it. She is practical, she says what she thinks.

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The story of the show is based on a Punjabi family.
When Kaveri was asked why the story with the background of Punjab was chosen, the actress said, ‘In Punjab, pictures of airplanes and football are being made at people’s homes. Parents expect their children to go abroad and bring laurels to their village after studying there. There are many such families in Punjab, whose children have gone abroad, but they did not come back and remained there and the parents were left alone here. Actually, there are many such stories in Punjab. You will find more Punjabis in foreign countries also, so the story of a house there has been picked up and the whole show is based on that background.’

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