Fertilizer Crisis: Is there really a shortage of Urea-DAP fertilizer? Know the mathematics of fertilizer supply chain in the country

New Delhi. There is a tussle between the central government and several states regarding the shortage of Urea and DAP fertilizers in the country. Meanwhile, the central government has given news of relief to the farmers who are troubled by the shortage of fertilizers. The Union Fertilizer Secretary has said that the Modi government is trying to make it easier to import fertilizers from abroad. For this, instead of depending completely on any one country, the central government is trying to enter into an agreement with many countries. For this, work has started on increasing fertilizer supply and signing new agreements with countries like Russia, Canada, Israel, Oman and Morocco. Union Fertilizer Secretary has denied the shortage of fertilizers in the country.

Let us tell you that at this time the sowing of rabi crop is in full swing in the country. Many state governments had written letters to the central government in the past regarding the shortage of DAP and fertilizers to put in the fields. On this, Union Minister for Chemicals and Fertilizers Mansukh Mandaviya tweeted that there is no shortage of fertilizers in the country.

Many states of the country had written letters to the central government regarding the shortage of fertilizers.

Fertilizer crisis in the country amidst sowing of Rabi crop
The reply of the Union Fertilizer Secretary has come on the allegations of the states. The secretary has said that there is no shortage of fertilizers in the country. At the same time, many states like Bihar say that the demand for urea fertilizer has increased a lot this month. There is less supply of fertilizers as compared to the demand, due to which the farmers have to run for urea fertilizers.

This is what the central government has to say
The Energy Secretary has further said that the central government aims to stop the import of urea from other countries by the year 2025. At present, about 350 lakh tonnes of urea is required annually in the country. At present, there is a capacity of 283 lakh tonnes within the country and the rest is imported. At present, about 44 crore nano urea bottles are also being produced in the country, due to which about 200 lakh tonnes of urea can be supplied. Similarly, the work of making Nano DAP is also going on fast. For this, field trial work is going on.

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The central government aims to stop the import of urea from other countries by the year 2025.

What is the math of supply of DAP and Urea?
Significantly, there is a shortage of DAP and Urea in many states of the country. After plowing their fields, farmers are still not able to sow while waiting for fertilizers. Farmers say that due to the shortage of DAP and Urea, the sowing of the crop is getting affected. Even if fertilizers are available somewhere, farmers are being forced to buy them at expensive prices.

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Recently, the Agriculture Minister of Bihar had accused the Central Government of discrimination by not allocating fertilizers to Bihar and tarnishing the image of the state government among the farmers and the poor. On this, the central government had said that there is no shortage of fertilizers in Bihar. The state government is not providing fertilizers to the farmers on time.

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