Filmmaker Sunil Darshan told Sunny Deol arrogant in legal dispute case, said- ‘He fooled me’

Mumbai. Sunny Deol Sunil Darshan Legal Conflict: The dispute between Sunny Deol and filmmaker Sunil Darshan is no secret. Regarding this dispute, Sunil has now called Sunny arrogant. Darshan alleged that Sunny Deol fooled him by not paying him. He told that Sunny had signed a film and had taken the signing amount. After this he refused to do the film but he did not return the money. You will be surprised to know that this matter between Sunny and Sunil is about 26 years old.

Actually, Sunil Darshan and Sunny Deol joined hands in the year 1996 for the film ‘Ajay’. Reportedly, the two got into an argument due to creative differences. After this Sunny walked out of the film and never returned to the shooting set to complete the film. Sunil gave an interview to Bollywood Hungama regarding this matter and once again told the whole matter.

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Sunil Darshan alleged that Sunny Deol had promised after leaving the film that he would return the signing amount. Later, Sunny told the director that he did not have the money. And in return they should make a film with him so that they can return their money. Sunil told that Sunny had also given this assurance to the judge.

Sunil Darshan said, “There was a retired Chief Justice of India, Justice Bharucha, before whom the matter was placed. Sunny said that I do not have the money to return the money, so he will do a film for me. I was working with his brother (Bobby Deol), did three films with him back to back. I didn’t mind him.”

Sunny Deol fooled: Sunil

Sunil Darshan further said, “I thought anyone can correct a mistake by making it. But, he fooled me.” He said that when he reached out to Sunny Deol, he kept postponing his dates for the shooting of the film until the dates written in the contract were over. After this, he sent a legal notice to Sunny, to which Deol’s team replied that Sunny had objections to the film’s dialogues.

film released without climax

Sunil Darshan claimed that a lot of money was spent in making the film and Sunny Deol avoided it for a long time and even after 26 years this case is going on. Let us tell you that in the film for which Sunny was signed, Karisma Kapoor played her opposite lead role. The film was released without shooting the climax.

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