Gujarat Polls: From Banaskantha to Anand, women interfering in politics from milk industry


Major contribution of Gujarat women in milk production and politics
Women of many districts including Anand-Banaskantha are standing on their feet
Many families earning close to 30 thousand every month from milk production

Anand. Women also have a tremendous role in the Gujarat assembly elections. Especially, the women of Anand and Banaskantha are standing on their own feet and also understand the political scenario. The women of both the districts earn Rs 30,000 a month through government schemes. He has also played a big role in the milk industry of Gujarat by taking loans. Apart from this, women also understand politics very well. They say that they have benefited a lot from government schemes. This thing can be beneficial for BJP in this election.

Savitaben is one of such women. Savitaben’s day starts at 6 in the morning. She milks 12 buffaloes along with her mother-in-law Hasaben. Banas of this milk is sold in dairy. With this, Savitaben’s family earns Rs 30,000 a month. Savitaben lives in Lunava village in Third Assembly Constituency of Gujarat. She is also a Patwari and looks after the household chores. This work also includes milking the animals, bathing them and taking care of them. In this village, 85 percent of the families keep more than 10 animals on an average. He also sells 40 to 50 liters of indigenous cow’s milk.

Changed life of women
Vidyanagar village of Anand district is about 300 km away from Lunawa. The story of the women here is also similar to that of Savitaben. Here also women government schemes have changed the lives of women. These women have formed Sakhi groups, so that they can help each other to get financial help from the government. Mehlben has been living in Vidyanagar for ten years. He told that his two daughters have taken scholarship from the government. He himself took the cylinder under the Ujjwala scheme. He said that I got ration at the time of Kovid-19. And, now water also comes in the tap of our house.

Benefits received from these schemes
Similarly, Vijuben says that the most important thing for women in this area is ‘Nal Se Jal Yojana’. This plan was successful. Earlier we all had to fill water from the same tap. Had to wait a long time for this. But, now water is coming into our house. This has given us peace. The cylinder available under the Ujjwala scheme is also good. But, many people find its price to be high. Ushaben Solanki runs Sakhi Mandal here. He says that all of us together have taken a loan of 7 lakhs. I bought an autorickshaw from him. My husband runs it. I am also a bank friend. Many friends of our circle have taken loans for rearing animals, while many friends have taken loans for the marriage of their daughters.

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