Hacker breaches hospital system in Tamil Nadu, sells data of 1.5 lakh patients

Chennai. There is big news from Tamil Nadu. Here hackers sold personal data of 1.5 lakh patients of Shri Saran Medical Center to Telegram Channel and Cybercrime Forum. After this news, there has been a ruckus there. Cloudsec company gave this information. This company gives information about cyber attacks. According to the company, the data sold includes patients from the year 2007 to 2011. It is being said that this data was taken from Three Cube IT Lab.

Regarding this matter, CloudSec said that there is no information whether Three Cube IT Lab was working for Shri Saran Medical Center or not. The data that was leaked contains the names, dates of birth, addresses, guardian’s name and doctor’s information of the patients. It is said that the hackers also gave samples to the buyers, so that the truth and authenticity of the data could be known.

success in this
Significantly, CloudSec researchers first identified the healthcare firm. For this, he used the names of the doctors present in the data. These names were also in the data sample. The researchers were able to find out that all these doctors work at Shree Saran Medical Center only. After that CloudSec informed all the stakeholders of the medical center about this theft.

This incident is supply chain attack- Varghish
CloudSec analyst Noid Varghese said that we will call this incident a supply chain attack. Because, first of all, the ID vendor of the hospital was attacked. The hacker went into his system and stole all the personal and health related information of the patients. Significantly, just a day before this incident, there was a cyber attack on the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Delhi. The hacker put a dent in the personal data of lakhs of patients.

Data sales price kept so
It is said that the hacker kept the price of selling patients’ data at US$100. That is, many copies of this data would have been sold. For those who feel that only they should own this data, it was priced at US $ 300. Not only this, if someone thinks that after buying the data and selling it again to someone, then he would have to buy this data for US $ 400.

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