Happy B’day Salim Khan: Salim Khan’s life was difficult, at one time even Salman Khan did not talk!

Mumbai: Salim Khan is a famous writer of Hindi film industry. Salim, who started his career with acting, is a screenwriter, film producer. Salim Khan’s grandfather Anwar Khan, born in Indore on 24 November 1935, came to India from Afghanistan. Be a part of the army during the British period and settled in Indore in search of employment. When Salim was 14 years old, his parents died. There was no financial crisis in the house, but love was not found in childhood. When Salim was in college, friends encouraged him to try his luck in films. Salim made his acting debut with the film ‘Barat’. Salman Khan’s father has kept his family tied, but once it happened that the whole family got angry with Salim.

Salim Khan in 1960 directed by K. Had stepped into the film world as an assistant actor from Amarnath’s film ‘Barat’. For this film, he got Rs 1,000 in lump sum and got a monthly salary of Rs 400. Salim started working in B grade films while playing minor roles.

Salim Khan has worked in 14 films
Handsome Salim Khan worked in about 14 films till 1970. Salim met Sushila Charak while working in films. Salim fell in love with the very beautiful Sushila and married Sushila in the year 1964 and made her Salma Khan. Salim’s mind was more engaged in writing than working in films. Gradually, he started writing screenplays for films and was considered a famous writer.

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There was tension due to the marriage of Salim and Helen.
Salim Khan and Salma had 4 children, Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Sohail Khan and daughter Alvira. The tension in Salim’s family, who was living a happy life with his children, happened when Salim was arrested in love with Helen, the first item girl and dancer of Hindi cinema. Salim Khan married Helen in the year 1981. After marriage, there was a lot of estrangement in Salim’s family. It was obvious how Salma would tolerate her step-daughter, she was very sad. Once while talking to the media, Salma had said that she had gone into depression after this marriage and was very disturbed. The condition had become such that Salman Khan, Arbaaz and Sohail had stopped talking to their father Salim and did not talk to Helen at all.

Now the whole family including Salman loves Helen
But, it is said that time heals every wound on its own. Seeing Helen’s nature, everyone including Salim Khan’s wife Salma made her their own. Now the situation is such that Salman Khan does not forget to wish Helen along with Salma on Women’s Day and Mother’s Day.

salman khanm

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Salim Khan and Helen do not have any children. Helen now stays away from Limelight. Sometimes she is seen on some reality show. Salman loves his father Salim very much.

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