Home loan expenses – All you should know

What is a Home loan?

When you want to purchase a house, applying for a home loan can help you to a greater extent. It provides you with financial support and helps you buy the house for yourself and your loved ones.

There are certain expenses you need to incur while taking up a home loan.

This loan usually comes with longer tenures (20 years to 30 years).  Your credit score is verified before the lender approves your loan request.

If you have a good credit score, there is a fair chance that you will enjoy cheaper rates of interest with your home loan.

Why a home loan?

The investment can be made even in a house.  The purchase of a house can also be an investment.  We can either let out the house to get regular income in the form of rent.  Even if the investment is to be made to have a self-occupied house property, there will be an appreciation of its value at a future date.  This would constitute the reason for investment.

A house can be purchased and used for many purposes so that it can be an asset for the buyer.  Investment in a home is an excellent way of investing your money.

Investment in houses can also be made by someone dealing in a business with houses.  It is for the business of the real estate.  This is done to buy a house for a price and sell to another for a better price.  This can also be done by making a little development in the property bought.  Betterment in the interiors is enough to appreciate the value of the property.

The main benefit of investing in a house is that the total cost of the house need not be paid immediately like other investments.  There is always financial assistance in the form of a housing loan available to help in the purchase of the house.

There can be leverage made for the complete amount of the investment.  Needless to say, the transfer of the burden of investment is made to the financial institutions that would give out the financial assistance.

There is always a benefit of appreciation in houses.  Unlike other investments like stocks or bonds, the buildings always have the benefit of getting appreciated.  This process of appreciation takes place naturally, just with time.  There can be renovations made to improvise the house to better its value.  Even that leads to the appreciable value of the property.  Of course, not every renovation increases the value of the house, only the renovations that appreciate its value have to be made.


Home loan expenses

There are a few things to consider before computing your home loan expenses:

  • Loan amount – The amount of home loans helps in deciding on the home loan tenure for an individual. The higher home loan amount may give way to a higher home loan tenure.  The lesser home loan amount helps in having a lesser home loan tenure.

The loan amount has to be carefully decided and should be taken only on the amount that is required as a loan.

The loan amount helps an individual in determining whether they should go on with a higher home loan tenure or a lesser home loan tenure.


  • EMI – EMI on a home loan is the Equal Monthly Instalment that has to be paid on monthly basis by the individual. This EMI helps us in reducing our burden of heavy expenses.

It is the combination of a part of the principal and an amount of interest.

It depends on the home loan amount and the interest rate.  The interest rate varies depending on the home loan amount.

Thus, the home loan tenure plays a rather important role in deciding on the amount of EMI.

There may be many options for you to choose from for the amount of the EMI and the home loan tenure.

The plan with the higher EMI amount can have a lesser tenure, but it would become a burden if you choose that plan.

If you have a plan with a lesser EMI amount, the home loan tenure becomes long term.  This would again increase the amount of interest.

So, it is important to carefully choose a plan with favourable and good EMI.


  • Interest rate – The interest expenses depend on and also influences the home loan tenure of a loan. The larger home loan tenure might have a larger interest rate and the lesser home loan tenure might have a lesser interest rate.

The choice of interest can be made by choosing a plan with favourable home loan tenure.  The plan has to be made accordingly.  The influence of the loan amount can be of lesser importance in case the home loan tenure falls in line.

The problem with having a higher interest rate is that it would again increase our total cost.  The higher interest rate would give out a way to a higher interest amount and that would further increase the total cost of the house.


  • Choice of the individual – The home loan tenure can be left to the choice of the individual that is to be made personally after considering all the available factors that influence the home loan tenure.

Proper guidance can also be used in this case, to decide on a perfect home loan tenure for the individual.

Based on future requirements also, a home loan tenure can be fixed.


  • Proper planning – Proper planning is important in deciding on a home loan tenure. The tenure is to be decided after considering other responsibilities such as children’s education or marriage to reduce your home loan expenses.

These events need a huge amount of investment.  Hence, it is to be planned such that these obligations do not fall as a huge burden along with the home loan amount.