In Jabalpur, the house will be attached if the tax exceeds Rs 20,000, the Municipal Corporation plans

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Jabalpur, The Municipal Corporation has started a campaign to raise revenue in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. A list of such people is being prepared by the corporation, whose tax arrears are above 20 thousand at present. According to PN Sankhere, Deputy Commissioner of Municipal Corporation, about 10,000 such landlords have been identified whose taxable amount is more than Rs.20,000. They are being warned to deposit this tax through calls and messages. If the landlords do not deposit the tax, action will be taken to attach the house by the Municipal Corporation.

In fact, a surcharge of eight percent is levied on the remaining amount of the tax defaulters from March to December. So right there, this surcharge will increase by seven percent from the coming January. To clarify, in such a situation, tax will be charged on the outstanding amount with a surcharge of 15 percent.

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Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh

In the maximum number of outstanding houses to collect tax, 1,125 landlords are from division three. At the same time, there are 170 landlords in the lowest division number 9, from whom tax of more than 20 thousand is to be collected.

Let us tell you that about 49 crore rupees are to be recovered from those who collect water charges through door to door garbage collection and Narmada line from the Municipal Corporation.

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