Income Tax Notice: Have you also received income tax notice by mistake? improve like this

New Delhi. Due to a small mistake of the Income Tax Payer and Chartered Accountant, the notices of the Income Tax Department are reaching other people. On this, the Income Tax Department has said that these problems are being caused by wrongly filling one digit of the PAN card. In such a situation, some notices are reaching those people, who were not supposed to know these notices. In such a situation, people are getting upset due to getting unnecessary notices. The Income Tax Department has said that in such a situation, if such notices have been sent to any person, then they can give information about it to the Income Tax Department in many ways.

Let us tell you that many things have to be taken care of while filing income tax. All information should be re-checked at least twice after filing an incorrect return. There are three rules for sending notices in the e-verification scheme of the Income Tax Department. If the PAN card number is wrongly entered then all the three notices will reach on the wrong e-mail. Therefore, if you inform the Income Tax Department on time, then this is the best way.

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On listening to the notice of the Income Tax Department, fear sets in the mind of the income tax payer.

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Chartered Accountant Amresh Kumar says, ‘On hearing the notice of the Income Tax Department, fear sets in the mind of the income tax payer. If the income tax payer has filled wrong information in the return, then the officers of the department scare him. This instills fear in the mind of the income tax payer. In such a situation, if the e-mail ID of the Income Tax Department from which the notice has been received, the person can also inform by giving his complete information and PAN card number. It can also tell that wrong notice has been sent to him. Apart from this, the income tax payer can also contact the number 18001034215 and speak. Even after this, if the problem is not resolved, then you can go to the office of the Income Tax Department and register your complaint.

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Point to be noted is that Income Tax Months have elapsed since the last date for filing the return. But, still the process of assessment is going on in the Income Tax Department. Those filing correct returns are getting refunds from the Income Tax Department, while taxpayers making mistakes are getting notices from the Income Tax Department. Although, getting a notice from the Income Tax Department is not a good thing, but it is also not right to panic as soon as the notice is received. The Income Tax Department sends notices to taxpayers for various reasons.

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