IND vs BAN: Virat’s muscular avatar came to the fore after Dhoni, see in the video how he is preparing for Bangladesh tour


Virat Kohli starts preparations for Bangladesh tour
His muscular avatar like Mahendra Singh Dhoni came to the fore
India has to play 3 ODIs and 2 Tests on Bangladesh tour

New Delhi. Former Indian captain Virat Kohli has once again started preparing to return to the field after celebrating holidays with wife Anushka Sharma and daughter Vamika. He has to go on Bangladesh tour next month. Where India has to play Test series along with ODIs and Kohli is included in the team selected for both the series. In such a situation, he started sweating in the gym as soon as he returned from the holidays. After the end of the T20 World Cup, Virat did not go with the team on the New Zealand tour and returned to India with the intention of spending time with the family. He was holidaying in Nainital. But, now he has returned and is busy preparing himself for the Bangladesh tour.

Virat has shared a video of his training in the gym on Instagram. In this he has written that return to the gym. In this video, apart from running on the treadmill, Virat is seen doing weight training. In this video Virat is seen doing workout for upper back muscles. Kohli’s muscles are clearly visible in this. It is not hidden from anyone that Kohli pays a lot of attention to his fitness.

He is counted among the fittest players in the world. Earlier, some pictures of former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni playing tennis also went viral. Seeing his biceps in this, it seemed that Dhoni is working hard in the gym.

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