India cheapest Electric car book Rs 2000 range 160 kilometer in single charge price features specifications more

The Indian auto market is rapidly shifting towards electric vehicles. Gone are the days when people used to say that electric vehicles would be cheaper and they would buy them. Mumbai-based PMV Electric launched the country’s first micro EV PMV Electric Eas-E last week. It is a micro car, in which two passengers can sit. This electric car of 36 square feet in size is available for pre-order. You have to spend very little. You can book this electric car for just Rs 2,000. The company claims that its car reduces pollution as well as the burden on traffic.

PMV Electric’s EaS-E can be pre-ordered for just Rs 2,000. to book a car click on this link, After that you have to select your favorite color. Place order by entering name, e-mail and phone number. This car can be booked in 11 color options. Its estimated price can be between 4 to 5 lakh rupees. The company has claimed a range of 160 km and said that the pre-order amount will be refundable. The company has also announced that they have received 6,000 pre-orders for the Eas-E. The base variant is initially for 10,000 customers only.

Talking about its features, the PMV Electric Eas-E has a PMSM motor which generates power of 10kW and torque of 50Nm. Talking about speed, it can run at a speed of 70 kmph. PMV Electric will offer the new Eas-E with three battery packs, which will offer a range of 120km, 160km and 200km. Talking about the charging time, this EV can be charged in 3-4 hours. The company claims that this EV can cover a distance of 1 km for less than 75 paise. These battery packs come with an IP67 rating, which makes them water resistant and are 48V Li Iron Phosphate cells. The battery pack also acts as an integrated structure, which means it is placed as a chassis member for improved structural rigidity.

Talking about the features, the PMV Electric Eas-E gets a digital instrument cluster and a small infotainment screen. For safety, PMV Electric has given this micro EV a monocoque chassis (monocoque chassis is a shell around the car which is made in the same frame.) which is made from high strength metal construction. Single driver airbag is also given in this EV.

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