Indian mechanical engineer became rich overnight, won 45 crore lottery in Kuwait


Mechanical engineer Parmanand Dalip became a millionaire overnight
45 crore won in lottery in Kuwait
Dalip is now talking about building a new house for his family.

It is often said that it does not take long for luck to change. Something similar happened with an Indian living in Kuwait. According to reports, 48-year-old mechanical engineer Parmanand Dalip has won a lottery of 20 million AED (about Rs 45 crore). He won this amount in the 102nd Mahjooj Super Saturday. The 30th person who won the lottery of Parmanand Mehjooj is being told.

A media report has claimed that Parmanand Dalip is a resident of Himachal Pradesh. He had been participating in the mere draw for a long time. After a lot of effort, Dalip has now got the lottery.

‘Family’s dreams will come true’
Talking to a media house, Parmanand Dalip has said that one night an email came from Mahjooj. Seeing this, his senses flew away. The matter of winning the lucky draw was told in the mail. They say that now Money With this, they will fulfill their and their family’s unfulfilled dreams. Dalip is survived by his wife, three children and elderly parents. He now wants to provide necessary facilities to his family with this amount.

Dalip is now talking about building a new house for his family with the lottery money.

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Dalip is working as an engineer in a steel industry in Kuwait. He believes that even if he had worked for years, he would not have been able to save so much. Parmanand has also talked about building a new house for his family.

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