iPhone was lost in the sea 1 year ago, when it was found, everyone was shocked!

In the internet, we get to hear or read about strange incidents every day. A shocking and very interesting incident has emerged from the UK, where a woman’s Apple iPhone was lost at sea about a year ago. Now, you will say that what is shocking in this? The surprising thing is that this woman has got her iPhone after almost 1 year and that too in working condition.

The Sun’s Report It has been told that the matter is of the UK, where 39-year-old Claire Atfield, who lives in Hampshire, iphone 8 plus Was lost at sea a year ago. Now, when he got his phone back, he was shocked that even after being at sea for a year, his iPhone was still working.

According to reports, Claire’s iPhone, which is fond of paddle boarding, was lost at sea about a year ago. She used to hang her phone around her neck while paddle boarding. In the year 2021, she went far into the sea while paddle boarding and fell off her board. During this, his iPhone 8 Plus came out from his neck and got lost in the sea.

One would never have thought that anything dropped in such a vast ocean could ever be recovered, but here Claire was in luck, because her iPhone was found by a man named Bradley, and because it was in working condition, So Bradley informs the owner of the phone, i.e. Claire.

Claire told The Sun she couldn’t believe it when she got the call. He said, “I didn’t expect to see it again. I can’t believe it still works. I’m amazed it didn’t do more damage, especially with how rough the sea can be.” “

He told that the iPhone was in a waterproof bag. The back of the phone was completely damaged, but still it was working.

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