Jabalpur Mekhla Resort Murder Case Revealed: Crazy lover caught in Rajasthan, read how


The young man killed the girl 10 days ago
The accused was changing the location every 12 hours
37 serious cases are registered against the accused youth

Jabalpur. The police has disclosed the case of the murder of a girl (Jabalpur Mekhla Resort Murder Case) that happened 10 days ago at Mekhla resort in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. Police has arrested the accused from Rajasthan. The accused was repeatedly changing his location. Due to this he was not coming in the hands of the police. Now the Madhya Pradesh Police has arrested him from Ajmer in Rajasthan. The accused was repeatedly withdrawing money using the ATM of the deceased. Because of that the police was able to trace his location. The name and address of the accused have also been found to be fake. The real reasons for the murder have not been revealed at the moment. But the police is prima facie considering infidelity in the love affair as the reason for the murder. The police is engaged in questioning the accused.

Jabalpur IG disclosed this whole matter by holding a press conference on Saturday. The IG told that the real name of the accused is Hemant Bhadode. While the police was searching for him in the name of Abhijeet Patidar. He is a habitual criminal. He has committed many serious crimes even before this massacre. He had absconded 10 days ago after killing a girl at Mekhla resort in Jabalpur. After killing the girl, the accused made a video viral on social media to mislead the police.

The accused is a resident of Maharashtra
In it, he told his name as Abhijeet Patidar. Several cases against the accused also surfaced in Jabalpur. When these cases were revealed, the police found out the real identity of the accused with the help of fingerprints. The name of the accused is Hemant Bhadode. He is a resident of Nashik, Maharashtra. The accused had murdered the girl in a planned manner. Then to mislead the police, he kept changing his location continuously.

from your city (Jabalpur)

Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh

37 criminal cases including cheating are registered against the accused
After killing the girl, Hemant reached Raipur, Nagpur, Chandigarh and then reached Ajmer in Rajasthan. He was changing his location every 12 hours. That is why it took time for the police to reach the accused. The police is trying to find out the reason behind the murder from him. There are 37 criminal cases registered against the accused including cheating. But the real reasons for the murder have not been revealed yet. Jabalpur SP Siddharth Bahuguna told that this whole case was a big challenge for the police. Infidelity seems to be the main reason behind the murder. Now more new revelations are expected after questioning the accused.

Caught for repeatedly withdrawing money from ATM
The police have seized one lakh 52 thousand rupees in cash, ATM card, gold chain and earrings of the deceased girl from the accused. The accused was continuously withdrawing money from the ATM card of the girl. This has also become the reason for the arrest of the accused. The police had found the last location of the accused in Ajmer, Rajasthan. The accused had withdrawn money from an ATM in Ajmer. As soon as the MP police got information about withdrawing money from ATM, they immediately sent their team to Rajasthan. There, with the help of Rajasthan Police, Madhya Pradesh Police arrested the accused from Sehori area. Fake ID has also been recovered from the accused.

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