Jaishankar rejected the allegations of the opposition, said- PM Narendra Modi is ‘unshakable’ on the issue of China


Foreign Minister S Jaishankar rejected the allegations made by the opposition
Opposition criticized PM Modi’s handshake with Chinese President
Jaishankar said – Modi is adamant, there is strong deployment of forces on the China border

New Delhi. Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar (EAM S Jaishankar) said on Friday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) has been ‘very adamant’ on the issue of China and he should be judged by the strong deployment of our forces on the China-India border. He dismissed the opposition’s criticism of the Prime Minister’s recent handshake with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Jaishankar said that while dealing with China, the reality is that it is the world’s second largest economy, India’s closest neighbour, but at the same time has had a difficult history, conflicts and a huge border dispute.

The Foreign Minister said in the ‘Times Now Summit’ that the right way to deal with China is that when one has to be firm, one should be firm. He said, ‘If you have to take soldiers to the border, then we should do that to deal with what they are trying to do. To be clear about issues where they do not support or undermine our interests, to be public about this where necessary. I don’t talk about it publicly all the time, but where diplomacy is required, it is often useful to be public.

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