Kanpur: 6 people regained sight after cataract operation, FIR lodged against hospital

Kanpur, In the past, there was great negligence of the health department in Kanpur metropolis. Due to which 6 people had lost their eyesight. The CMO had formed an inquiry committee in this matter. The committee has completed its investigation. Later, an FIR has been registered against the hospital administration and the doctor who performed the operation at Barra police station in Kanpur.

Please tell that a free eye check-up camp was organized in Shivrajpur of Kanpur. In which people’s eyes were examined, 6 elderly people were advised to undergo cataract operation. Reached the hospital. Where his eyes were operated. After which he had completely stopped seeing. So these people told their problem to the hospital administration. But when no one took care of them, they CMO Had complained about this matter.

The operation was done on November 2
Let us tell you that on November 2, all these people had a cataract operation in Aaradhya Hospital. After the operation, the patients told that they had a problem of headache and had stopped appearing in the eyes with pain. After which they consulted the doctors. When he told about his problem, he gave the tablet and returned it. But when he did not get relief, he went to the hospital several times, after which the hospital administration did not listen to him.

Camp was organized with the permission of CMO
It is also necessary to question the health department because this camp was organized on the permission of the Chief Education Officer of Kanpur itself. This camp was organized under the DBCS scheme. On the other hand, seeing the matter catching up, Alok Ranjan, the Chief Medical Officer of Kanpur, started the investigation. Orders were given. Today the inquiry committee has given its report to the CMO, in which a case of negligence of the hospital administration has come to the fore, due to which an FIR has been registered.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : November 25, 2022, 14:51 IST

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