Lady Don Anuradha Chowdhary: I have done MBA, LLB is going on, and wanted to become a business woman


story of revolver queen anuradha chaudhary
Lady don Anuradha Chowdhary revealed many secrets
Anuradha’s betrayal by her business partner turns her to crime

Jaipur. In the world of crime, Lady Don Anuradha Chowdhary, known as Lady Don and Revolver Rani, wanted to become a business woman but this could not happen. According to Anuradha, the situation had become such that she had to take the path of crime. MBA educated Anuradha Chowdhary is currently studying law. At the time of choosing a career, Anuradha was broken by the betrayal she had received from her business partner. After that he took the path of crime and that speed was on him. Due to the circumstances, his name continued to be registered in the police FIR.

In an exclusive interview given to News 18 India, Anuradha while opening the pages of her life told that no human wants her to wander door to door like a dog. But the compulsion had come in front of him in such a way that there was no other way other than crime. Anuradha is also worried about the fact that she went to the police but she did not get any help. So again he had to choose the path of crime. Anuradha told that her maternal grandfather had been a major. Even after entering the world of crime and going to jail, the family did not keep distance from him.

Anandpal did not have a girlfriend
Anuradha says that many nonsense things are hidden in it, first on the relationship with the infamous gangster Anandpal of Rajasthan and then with Kala Jathedi. First of all, she was not Anandpal’s girlfriend. He met Kala Jathedi alias Sandeep during an absconding. Due to some legal issue of Kala, they could not get married yet, but now they will do court marriage in 2023. Anuradha’s name was associated with Anandpal for a long time. On the question of her role in Anandpal’s absconding too, Anuradha clearly said that she had no hand in it. She was in jail when Anandpal was absconding.

from your city (Jaipur)

I would not have done all this if the police department had supported me.
According to Anuradha, if the police department had supported me on time, I would not have done all this. If Anuradha is to be believed, she did all this for her money’s hobby but for her rescue. On the question of fear while meeting gangster Anandpal, Anuradha bluntly says that the fear was already removed by the police. When there is no life left then what to fear.

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