Mangaluru Blast: The conspiracy of blast created through dark web, know to what extent Sharik used it


New thing surfaced in Mangaluru blast, plan made on dark web
Mohammed Shariq connected with a particular ideology through this, made a plan
The accused linked the youth of Bengaluru-Shimoga to the group 6 months ago.

New Delhi. The conspiracy of the blast in Mangaluru, Karnataka was hatched through the dark web. Mangaluru blast accused Shariq was influenced by a particular ideology through this and he also inspired some youths for the same. After this he planned a blast near the famous temple of Mangaluru. The agencies probing the matter have also come to know that six months back he had formed a special group of some youths from Bengaluru and Shimoga. He used to talk to them continuously on this group.

According to the information, the content of a social media has been put in the hands of the investigating agencies. Agencies believe that this content is from a suspicious social media account. She is also assuming that these things were spread more and more through the dark web. If we look at its content, it is known that it is supporting the Mangaluru blast. The name of the page through which these things are being spread on social media is being told as Islamic Registration Council. Before this the name of this organization has not been heard anywhere.

Website not available in open domain
In the interrogation of the arrested person Sharik so far, it has also come to know that he used to talk with this particular group of his through a special chatting app. He used to tell the content of equally objectionable website to the people of that group. Such websites are not present in the open domain, that is why the talk of dark web is getting more concrete.

The needle of suspicion is on the person sitting in Dubai
Significantly, the investigating agencies are considering a person sitting in Dubai as the main conspirator of this blast, because he is the handler of ISIS. Through him, all the accused used to get instructions continuously. Now it is being tried to find out through which means he used to communicate with the handler Sharik and how Sharik used to convey those things to other people.

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