Mee-Bhoomi AP

Mee-Bhoomi AP: Mee-Bhoomi is a land records portal that was started by the Revenue Department of Andhra Pradesh in 2015. Anyone will know about the details of the land in Andhra Pradesh through the Mee-Bhoomi portal. The main aim of the state government of Andhra Pradesh is to simplify the access of related services for property owners in the state. The Landowners can also access their e-passbook to check details related to their property such as Tax payment, any pending due amount. The Landowners can also check if their Aadhaar numbers and Account numbers are linked or not in this portal. The purpose of the Mee-Bhoomi portal is to digitize all the Land records of the state.

Services under the Mee-Bhoomi portal

The landowners can simply access the subsequent land-related services on this portal:-

  • Download Adangal
  • Download 1-b ( record of right)
  • View Aadhaar linking with land records
  • View village maps
  • View electronic passbook
  • View land conversion details
  • View field measurement book
  • View details of revenue proceedings and court details

Mee-Bhoomi Adangal

An Adangal is a Land official record issued by the Tahsildar and maintained by the village administration. The Adangal is helpful to examine the land details at the time of sale and purchase of the land. An Adangal contains the subsequent details of the Land:-

  • Name of the landowner
  • Total land area
  • account number
  • Details of land revenue
  • part  and survey number of the land
  • Land cultivation resources
  • Nature of procession of land
  • Crops are grown on land
  • Soil classification
  • Water resources
  • Liabilities of the owners on the Land

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How to download Adangal  :

  1. firstly visit the portal  mee bhoomi portal
  2. Then, choose  the ‘Adangal’ tab on the homepage and select ‘ your Adangal’ or the ‘village Adangal ‘ option from the list
  3. Select the ‘Survey number ‘, ‘Account number ‘,’Aadhaar number’ or ‘ Automation records.
  4. Then, choose the district name, zone name, village name and enter the survey/account / Aadhaar number, captcha code and click on the ‘CLICK’ button.

Mee-Bhoomi 1-b

The 1-b (Records of Rights ) is a document that contains the possession details of the property /land. It is one of the most important land-related documents maintained by the Department of Revenue o Andhra Pradesh.

The 1-b document is maintained individually within the workplace of the Tahsildar for each village. It can be used to obtain bank loans, in court proceedings, and verify the seller’s information. it contains the subsequent details:-

  • Account number and survey number of the land
  • Name of the Account holder
  • Account holder’s father’s name
  • The extent of the land control by the Account holder
  • Classification of land
  • Land Revenue details

How to download 1-b ( Record of Rights ):

  1. firstly visit the portal
  2. Then, click on the ‘1-b’ tab on the homepage and select ‘ your 1-b’ or the ‘village 1-b ‘ option from the list
  3. choose the ‘Survey number ‘, ‘Account number ‘,’Aadhaar number’, ‘ name of landowner or ‘ Automation records’
  4. Then, select the district name, zone name, village name and enter the survey/account / Aadhaar number/landowner , captcha code and click on the ‘CLICK’ button.
  5. The information of the survey number, account number, landowner name, and father’s name is going to be displayed on the screen. CLICK the underlined account number or landowner name to view the 1-b details.
  6. The 1-b will be displayed on another page, it can be printed by clicking on the ‘PRINT’ option at the bottom of the page.

Mee-Bhoomi Passbook

The landowners can view their passbook online on the portal by these steps:-

  1. firstly visit the portal
  2. Select the ‘ Electronic passbook ‘ tab on the homepage
  3. Select the Account number or Aadhaar number.
  4. Then, select the district name, zone name, village name and enter the account / Aadhaar number, mobile number,  captcha code, tick the ‘ user consent ‘ and click on the ‘CLICK’ button.
  5. The passbook of the landowner will be generated.

Maa-Bhoomi Telangana

Perpetuate documents in physical form requires proper prolongation and storage. To modernize & digitize all the land records in Telangana, the government of Telangana has started an online portal known as ‘Maa-Bhoomi’.

Currently, the residents of Telangana can check all the online land record details from the official website Chief Commissioner of Land Administration (CCLA) and also through the Integrates Land Records Management System (ILRMS). The land & property owners within the state of Telangana will directly access the land records with the assistance of the website (online portal).

The data on the web portal contains the range of land, survey number, owner name tax, nature of the land and crop, and other relevant details. With the assistance of the “CCLA” portal, Pahani for all land situated in Telangana can also be downloaded.