Mission Swachhta aur Paani: ‘Change will come if you consider public toilets as your own’, Neha Dhupia said a big thing


Actress Neha Dhupia said that there should be talk on the lack of facilities in public toilets
Need to create a safe space for mother and children- Neha Dhupia
Children should be inculcated the habit of cleanliness from an early age – Sonali Khan

Mumbai, Actress Neha Dhupia participated in the Network 18 telethon ‘Mission Cleanliness and Water’. Talking about the issue of cleanliness, he said that as soon as we hear the name of public toilet, we do not consider it as our own. Because of this, there is a lot of difficulty in using them. He said that there is a need to talk about the lack of facilities in public toilets. Along with this, there is a need to create a safe space for the mother and her young children.

Komal Goswami, a part of the Network 18-Recit campaign, spoke at the telethon on her initiative called ‘Bal Sansad’. He said that this is the Hygiene Parliament, where we educate children about cleanliness and hygiene from a young age. Under the movement, the children take the responsibility of ensuring that the school premises are regularly cleaned.

The habit of cleanliness should be inculcated in children from an early age: Sonali Khan

On teaching children about cleanliness habits in India, Sonali Khan said that it is very important to tell children about it right from the beginning. In the same programme, folk artist Mame Khan told why cleanliness and hygiene are so important for us.

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