Mission Swachhta aur Paani: Dia Mirza said- Cleaning of toilets is considered a caste issue in India


Dia Mirza said I have stopped using single use plastic
Dia Mirza shares her experiences during her journey to Ganga
Stopped drinking from single-use plastic bottles- Dia Mirza

Mumbai. Actress Dia Mirza participated in the mega telethon organized by the country’s leading media group Network18 and Harpic on the occasion of World Toilet Day under ‘Mission Sanitation and Water’. He said that how we choose to live every day has an impact on our future life. He shared how during a trip on the river Ganges, he saw ravages of plastic in the pristine environment.

Dia Mirza said that she has stopped drinking from single-use plastic bottles. Less than 1 percent of single-use plastic is recycled. He said that there is also a question in our society that who will clean the toilets? In India it is considered a caste issue. There itself telethon In Mission Cleanliness and Water, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that every drop of water is very precious. There is a need to bring change in people regarding this.

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