Narmadapuram: Uncle raped 8-year-old niece, then brutally murdered her to hide the sin


Innocent dead body recovered after five and a half hours search in the forest late night
Uncle killed the innocent by strangulation to hide the cruelty

Narmadapuram. A case of embarrassing relationships has come to light in Itarsi Kesla area. Here the uncle himself made the eight-year-old innocent a victim of his evilness and strangled him to death after raping him. The accused had taken the innocent with him on the pretext of giving him chocolate. After committing the crime, the accused had thrown the dead body of the innocent in the forest, which has been recovered by the police after an overnight search.

According to the police, the accused had come to his in-laws’ house on Thursday evening. On Friday morning, the accused took his brother-in-law’s eight-year-old girl towards the forest on the pretext of getting chocolates in the village. During this, he misbehaved with the innocent under the influence of alcohol.

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After killing, the dead body was thrown in the forest.
To hide his cruelty, the cruel uncle strangled the innocent girl to death. After the murder, the accused returned to his in-laws house after throwing the dead body in the forest. When the innocent did not come home, the relatives searched, but nothing was found about her. After which the father of the innocent informed the Kesla police about the incident.

Confessed to crime after strict questioning
During interrogation, the police came to know that the innocent was last seen with her uncle. Then the police interrogated the accused. According to the police, the accused was under the influence of alcohol and kept misleading the police for a long time. When the police strictly inquired, he accepted the incident of raping and killing the innocent and told to throw the dead body in the forest.

Innocent body found after late night search
On getting information about this tragic incident, SP Gurukaran Singh reached Kesla police station. On the instructions of the SP, in the presence of 5 station in-charges and 60 policemen, the search for the dead body of the innocent was started at 11 o’clock in the forest of Kalaakhar proof range. With the help of search light, the police arrested the accused after recovering the body of the innocent from the forest at 3.45 pm. The police has conducted the post-mortem of the dead body and is interrogating the accused.

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