NMFT2022: Terrorism the biggest threat to humanity, Home Minister Shah said- let the world fight together


Home Minister Amit Shah attended the No Money for Terror conference
Said- no country alone can fight against terror
We can make permanent secretariat of ‘No Money for Terror’ organization

New Delhi. In the conference of ‘No Money for Terror’, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that I am proud that I am addressing this conference. There was a detailed discussion on terror here. Terror has taken a formidable form in the world. Now it is the biggest threat to humanity. No matter how powerful a country is, it cannot fight alone against terror. Everyone has to fight together against terror. He said that the world’s first forensic university has been established. There should be a solid strategy for every crime in the country.

In the closing session of the two-day conference, Home Minister Amit Shah said that India will become the world center of counter terrorism. The United Nations has also developed a framework for counter terror. Now it has to become stronger. Without taking the name of PFI, Home Minister Shah said in the program that India has taken strict action against the organization which spreads bigotry under the guise of social activities. Other countries should also take such action. Some countries have made terrorism their policy. That’s not right.

Trying to promote terrorism through crypto currency
Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that efforts are being made to promote terrorism in the world through narcotics and crypto currency. IMF says that criminals around the world launder 2 to 3 trillion dollars in the world. Terrorism is prominent in this. That’s why countries have to prepare a global legal framework.

India ready to take a big step
The use of non-profit organizations in terror funding has to be stopped. All aspects of terror financing will have to be countered. Terror finance methods have to be stopped. The use of next generation technology for terror has to be stopped. PM Modi’s government is committed to deal with all aspects of terrorism. India is ready to set up a permanent secretariat of the ‘No Money for Terror’ organization.

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