Noida’s ‘Spectra’ shines in MTV’s reality show Hustle 2.0, this is how Shubham became a rapper

Noida. MTV 2.0, the reality show of rap singing on MTV, was very much liked by the youth of the country. Today his songs are engaged from the reels of social media to the status of people. In that show, Shubham i.e. Spectra, a resident of Noida, was appreciated by many people. How was his journey from Noida to Mumbai, let us know…

The real name of the rap singer known as Spectra is Shubham. He is basically a resident of West Bengal. He told that he did his schooling from Noida. After that, he did Bachelors in Economics from Delhi University’s Hansraj College. From that time he was fond of writing, but because of what people would say, he did not sing. Although my family, parents and brother appreciated a lot and I kept on preparing. Talking to News18 Local, Spectra said that in July, when I came to know that MTV Hustle’s second season is coming, I sent an online entry for myself. After which I was called for personal interview. I stayed in Mumbai for three months and wrote and sang songs.

Along with dreams, studies are also important
Spectra says that the new generation feels that they have to run away from home to fulfill their dreams because people do not support them, but I want to tell them that whatever you are doing, do it by taking your family into confidence. People support. Fulfill your dreams along with your studies. I lived as a top five contestant, but after coming from there I have many offers for shows and songs.

At the same time, KK Pal, father of Spectra aka Shubham, told that any child has every right to dream and fulfill his dreams. Parents should walk step by step with the children.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : November 23, 2022, 12:38 IST

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