OMG! Big wonder of 10 year old Atiksh, solved 35 Rubik’s Cubes in 5 minutes 12 seconds, recorded here

Bhilwara. 10-year-old Atiksh of Shastri Nagar Colony is doing great things at a young age. He has created history in solving Rubik’s Cube. Atiksh has created a new record by breaking all the previous records of Rubik’s Cube Solution. Everyone is surprised by the feat done by Atiksh at a young age. Actually, Atiksh Kankaria has created a new record by solving 35 Rubik’s Cubes in just 5 minutes 12 seconds 90 milliseconds. Whereas, earlier the record was to solve 32 Rubik’s Cube in 24 minutes.

Atiksh told that once a Rubik’s Cube competition was held in his school on Sports Day. At that time Atiksh tried to solve Rubik’s Cube but could not succeed. After this he came home and talked to his parents about Rubik’s Cube. Father Abhishek told that seeing Atiksh’s interest in Rubik’s Cube, he brought him a Rubik’s Cube. No one in the house knew how to solve the Rubik’s Cube. After this, Atiksh started watching the trick to solve Rubik’s Cube from YouTube and gradually became proficient in solving it.

Atiksh’s mother Abhilasha Modi told that the video of solving Rubik’s Cube was sent to the representatives of India Book of Records and Asia Book of Records. After this his name was recorded in Indian Record Book and Asia Book of Records. On October 25, 2022, Atiksh Kankaria made this record in his name by solving 35 Rubik’s Cubes in just 5 minutes 12 seconds 90 milliseconds. In this record there were 1 cube of 2 by 2, 30 of 3 by 3 and 4 cubes of 4 by 4. In the second record, Atiksh solved 10 Rubik’s cubes of 3 by 3 in just 47 seconds and 80 milliseconds.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : November 25, 2022, 09:18 IST

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